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What is Foam Supply All About?

Since 1996, Foam Supply has been the premier supplier of the highest quality foam, restoration and building material components and architectural solutions for construction and design professionals. Over the years, Foam Supply has continued to build long-term relationships with customers due to the impeccable quality of our solutions, the service-minded attitude of our showroom sales staff, and the honesty and integrity of our entire organization. Let us show you why we tell customers, Your Imagination is our Blueprint. ™  read more >


Architectural Foam As Your Solution

Using skilled CAD technicians and cutting edge software and systems, Foam Supply manufactures consistent and uniform pre-coated structures in a factory controlled environment. Whether based on expanded polystyrene (EPS) or molded urethane, these high quality, lightweight pieces are positioned and installed without the need for heavy lifting equipment, engineered support, or large crews. High density coatings make these pieces rigid, durable, impact resistant and impervious to the weather and outdoor elements. The ultimate result is beautifully crafted architectural components at a fraction of the overall cost.

Foam Supply offers endless options and custom solutions, helping architects, developers, contractors, commercial building owners and homeowners to enhance the aesthetic appeal as well as to increase the value of their commercial or residential buildings and projects. Product offerings include columns, capitals, bases, arches, moldings, window sills, brackets, wall caps, pediments, balusters and louvers. These products are available in standard and custom sizes as well as a variety of external finishes, including sand, cut-coral, knock-down, wood-like exteriors and paintable surfaces.